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Meet Bishop Daniel Bakala Kapepula

Christian Victory Center was started in 1997 under the direction and leadership of our overseer, the founder of Flaming Fire Ministries International, Bishop Daniel Kapepula.


Dr. Daniel Bakala Kapepula also known as "The Patriarch", is a visionary preacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He is a native of the Democratic Republic of Congo in Central Africa where he met the Lord and began serving Him over 30 years ago. The Lord used him in a mighty way to preach and teach the gospel, heal the sick, open the eyes of the blind, and perform many miracles.

In 1993, Dr. Kapepula started ministry after the Lord gave him the vision and mission of Flaming Fire Ministries International. 

Since then, he has worked faithfully in response to the calling to train and multiply servants of the Living God who delivers by Fire. A great number of servants from around the globe have received and have been equipped with an impartation of authentic anointing of the Holy Spirit and have gone on to build churches of their own.

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