The Christian Victory Center Men's Ministry exists to help men in the CVC Family, in the Christian Church, and in the Community grow in their relationships with other godly men.


Our goal is to have spiritually stronger men, husbands, fathers, families solid and churches. Also, a small group setting facilitates solid and deeper friendships with other men. Contact us for more information.



Christian Victory Center’s Women’s Ministry focuses on edifying mothers, grandmothers, wives, aunts, sisters and daughters. All our teachings center on meeting the needs of women in the CVC Family, Christian Church and in the world around us.


Our mission is to assemble to develop our knowledge of God, create and maintain a sisterhood among the women in our church, equipe women to know the Lord and lead with strength, using their gifts and talents in order to serve in the church, reach the world and make disciples, and addressing issues that women face in the world today.


Christian Victory Center has a wide range of youths ranging from those currently High School to young adults in college, graduate school, college graduates and young working families.


Our goal Youth and Young Adults Ministry aims to share the Word, involve youths in ministry, make evangelists and prayer warriors who will live out what they learn with boldness and proclaim the gospel to other youths and young adults.